Blood IN Blood OUT

A painting trade for my guy in Cookeville, Tn. @ True Love Tattoos.  Rik Sharp!


It is time!!!

Alas, my stay here in Rockford Il., has come to a close.  Don’t get me wrong, 3rd most dangerous city, 2 Neighborhoods listed in the TOP 20 most dangerous neighborhoods in the COUNTRY. A local government as corrupt as the organized crime that has been linked to the city for years….i’m gonna miss it all.  I’m looking to Relocate in a similar setting….only with Millions more people, in the Windy City of Chicago.  Hopefully this will reach the ears of those looking to hire a tattooer of over 15 years.  If so, please send me an email at  

I would also like to take this opportunity to travel while I’m looking for a place to call a full time tattooing home.  I would love to do some guest spots at any shop that would take me, regardless of state or location.  I’m looking to branch out and meet a lot of you people and tattoo and create as much art as I possibly can.  I’m excited to make this transition in life…we shall see where it leads.